Bringing new ideas to Indiana University

The Institute for Development Strategies invites a select group of guests to speak at Indiana University each year. These visiting lecturers represent the best in their respective fields and each bring unique insights on economic development, entrepreneurship, and policy research.

Dr. Erik Lehmann, University of Augsburg, explains Germany’s “seven secrets” to economic advancement during a spring 2016 lecture for IU faculty and students. 

Upcoming Events

There are no events at this time.

Past Featured Guest Lectures

Mehmet Akif Demircioglu Innovation in the Public Sector: Sources and Benefits of Innovation April 30, 2018
Polina Knutsson Human Capital Sorting into New Firms April 19, 2018
Kanwal Rekhi An Entrepreneurial Journey March 28, 2018
Maksim Belitski Knowledge Spillovers for Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship January 18, 2018
Andrea Adam Moore Germany Country and Culture: How is it Different from the U.S.? November 16, 2017
Dominik Wilhelm Family Involvement and Adverse Selection in the German Mini Bond Market September 26, 2017
Brett Gilbert When Clusters Do Not Emerge: A Qualitative Study of Values and Behaviors that Hinder and Support Technology Regions April 3, 2017
Alexander Kritikos Is There Also a Gender Income Gap in Entrepreneurship? November 17, 2016
Nicholas Philipson From Mind to Market: An Insider’s Guide to Scholarly Publishing November 2, 2016
Roy Thurik Genes and Entrepreneurship: A Discovery in the World of Behavior & Biology October 10, 2016

Berlin Workshop: Entrepreneurship and Reigniting Growth in the European Union

Indiana University Gateway in Berlin, Germany

March 9-10, 2017

Sponsored by: Institute of European Studies, School of Global & International Studies, and Institute for Development Strategies